Time TO Facebook Up With Your INQ Mobile

Posted on May 19 2009 - 4:55pm by Richard Sharp

INQ1 Facebook PhoneFollowing on from last week’s post about how Facebook is, rather unsurprisingly, the UK’s most regularly visited website, we thought we’d look at ways you can interact with the social networking website. A lot of mobile phones are sold on the premise that you can use them to access your Facebook account but few offer the same kind of synchronous relationship as the latest INQ handsets that will synchronise between your mobile phone phonebook and your Facebook buddies list. Make a new friend on Facebook and they’re instantly added to your mobile contact list.

If you’re a Facebook freak that has to log on every day, and believe us you’re far from being alone on this one, and you spend hours and hours chatting to your friends, commenting on their walls, and reading their latest updates then get yourself an INQ mobile handset. One of the unusually great things about them is that we in the UK are actually ahead of the USA in this one too because they don’t have them yet.

Obviously, the INQ1 also has a 3.2 megapixel camera so that you can take pics of everything and wherever you are (as seems to be the Facebook way) and then instantly update your Facebook profile with your latest mugshot. The INQ1 is all about being sociable with Windows Live Messenger and even Skype calls that could massively reduce your phone bill and it has last.fm offering similar capabilities so that you can listen to your favourite tracks while you’re on the go.

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