TokyoFlash Watch Monitors Blood Alcohol on your wrist

Posted on Jun 17 2011 - 7:26pm by Richard Sharp

Its been a a busy week on gadgets and gizmos for watches, first we wrote about the worlds first Android powered watch, yesterday we spoke about the new Glucowatch and today we bring you an LCD watch that monitors your blood alcohol level.

Now, we know what your thinking, “I know how drunk I am when looking at my watch, it goes all fuzzy when I’ve had too much to drink”. That may be so, but it’s not a very scientific way of measuring how drunk you are and certainly doesn’t act as a safety aid the morning after, this stainless steel number from Tokyoflash does though.

Toward the bottom of the LCD screen is a cocktail glass icon, when the user hits that button they are prompted to blow on the watches monitoring port. A blood alcohol level is displayed in a similar way to that of a police breathalyzer. This allows users to make an informed decision before getting behind the wheel or operating heavy machinery after a drinking session.

The watch also monitors elevated mood, volume of your voice and other sensations to provide a reading. It is set on a stainless steel bracelet and an 80s style green LED display, which by all accounts looks stylish and modern.

Although this gadget is a great tool for checking sobriety we would hasten to add it probably isn’t as accurate as other equipment that the police use and in no way should be used to replace your own judgement. Still cool though.

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product site: Tokyoflash

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