Top 3 Weirdest And Most Useless iPod Accessories

Posted on Apr 26 2008 - 3:28am by Richard Sharp

When it comes to having the most ridiculous accessories of any product, the iPod is hands down the most popular product on the marketplace. There are literally thousands of pointless, though admittedly sometimes cool, accessories to have graced the iPod accessory list but somehow we’ve whittled it down to just three for your enjoyment.

3 – iPod Toilet Paper Dispenser

It’s a toilet roll dispenser and an iPod docking station. Speakers are hidden inside the arms of the dispenser and it supports all models of iPod that have a docking connector, or Shuffle USB. A very handy gadget I’m sure.

2 – The iPod Breathalyser

Personal breathalysers have become almost as popular as iPods. Well, OK, there’s a few of them about now. But why go to the hassle of owning a breathalyser and an iPod when you could have both conveniently wrapped in one pocket sized gadget? Genius.

iPod Stethoscope1 – The iPod Stethoscope

The iPod stehoscope doesn’t just provide doctors with a convenient and practical place to store their iPod. Oh no, because that would be useless. The iPod stethoscope also enables the lucky owner to record their patient’s beating hearts for playback at a later time.

Honourable mentions must also be made to such incredible items as the iPod George Foreman grill, the iPod G-String, and the pink iPod vibrator (it’s called the iBuzz if you’re wondering).

Why not show off your innovative ideas. Let us know what you think the next best useless iPod gadget should be.

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