Top rockers axed from Guitar Hero 6

Posted on May 18 2010 - 11:46am by simon

The previous entries in the Guitar Hero franchise have been known for their inclusion of licensed likenesses and even motion-captured recreations of some of the world’s most famous guitarists, but now it looks as though the sixth game in the series will ditch this feature altogether.

Publisher Activision has allegedly been forced into the decision by a few legal battles initiated by members of ska pop group No Doubt and Hole singer Courtney Love.

Despite the lack of playable rock stars, it seems that the game will still include famous faces, but simply as non-playable characters that the player must entice into joining their band in order to gain bigger gigs, special guitar-based power-ups and other bits and pieces.

Lars Ulrich of Metallica is already confirmed as a bankable ally, but this is not surprising as Metallica have already had an entire Guitar Hero game dedicated to their back catalogue.

Rumours suggest that the stars may be playable in a roundabout way, with their ‘alter egos’ becoming available after you have acquired their services in the main campaign. This might be perceived as a bit of a letdown by some fans, whilst others will be more interested in learning about the tracks that will be making an appearance.

Kiss’ Gene Simmons has been hired to voice the expositional scenes for the main campaign and rock legends Queen and Black Sabbath will be popping up along the way. The recent death of Ronnie James Dio is sure to be acknowledged by Guitar Hero 6 as well, given his somewhat legendary status in the rock ‘n’ roll community.

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