Top Tech April Fools Jokes 2011

Posted on Apr 5 2011 - 7:25pm by Robert

Left handed Whoppers and Panda eggs, eh? How we laughed.

But those were April Fool gags from the past, and this year has seen a huge number of tech related April Fool jokes. We trawled the web to find the best of them, leaving out the ones which were just too nerdy of course.

Google Wars

A report on TechCrunch said that the infighting at Google had caused Google Places to be classified as spam by Google search. Amusing quotes such as “screw the webspam team” added a touch of colourful realism to a nice joke.

YouTube time travel

The guys at YouTube seem to come up with something every year and the 2011 version was a pleasant trip back in time to 1911 to celebrate their 100th birthday. Black and white films and title cards actually could be the future of online videos.

Google Work Offer

Google feature quite heavily in the list of pranks for some reason and they even played their own joke by advertising for an autocompleter to “guess a user’s intention as he or she starts typing instantly”.

Apple Store Playset

Now this is one that could work. ThinkGeek came up with a fantastic idea for kids to learn about the power of Apple without even leaving their potty. The Mini Apple Store Playset includes a Steve Jobs figure and other great details.

Facebook Filters

Fed up with endless baby and wedding chat on Facebook? Just stick on the new filters and it will instantly disappear. It may happen one day.

LinkedIn Contacts

If you use the LinkedIn site you have seen some unusual recommended contacts pop up. Is that the same Albert Einstein that used to work beside me in the bank?

Pirate Bay Ahoy

Bit of a strange one this, as sold itself in an online auction and will now be called Pirate Bay. The site will be discontinued according to the statement from eBay and it seems as though some people fell for it.

Testing Romances

A new dating site for software testing bachelors, QAdate, has apparently been launched by uTest. Could be popular with the testers but not sure how many potential partners will sign up.

Toshiba Monocles

Technologically advanced toffs and rakes around the globe may have been excited by the thought of Toshiba offering the very first 3D monocles to the world. Made of black plated tungsten carbide and bonded leather, eh?

Wi-Fi Eagle

This was one of the most bizarre pranks this year. Thumbs Up claimed to have produced a solar powered remote control eagle which could be controlled by your iPhone. You have to hand it to them for an original and interesting joke. Unless it is actually true of course.


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