Toyota Launching Innovative And Seriously Cool Projection Mapping Video

Posted on Oct 6 2010 - 3:25pm by Matt Jackson

It’s not that often we get excited about a new car advertisement and we’re struggling to remember when we last got giddy over the release of an advert for a hybrid car but it’s happened.

The reason for our excitement?

A ad agency called glue Isobar has created a projection mapping video to highlight the new and equally innovative hybrid engine in the latest Toyota Auris range (the first hybrid, incidentally, to be built here in the UK). A live audience were privvy to this incredible footage as the shell of the car was seemingly unwrapped to reveal a blue light underneath. The blue light, which represented the hybrid drive system energising surrounding objects.

The ad may sound like something that you’d see in a film but the difference is that it is in fact meant as a 3D projection that utilises numerous projectors strategically placed so that the object appears completely three dimensional and is the first time this kind of technology has been used in TV advertising for cars.

Pictures and video footage won’t really do it justice, but the entire scene was shot in a single take in a tunnel in Shoreditch with a crowd of people watching.

The viral ad campaign can be viewed from Friday at which alludes to the fact that the new Auris drive recharges itself completely while the car is being driven. This, in turn, gives the car incredible fuel economy, minimal CO2 emissions, and the biggest green badge you could possibly want to wear when driving around town.

The release of the video is a bit of a double whammie highlighting some of the latest technology in 3D video production and advertising as well as the admittedly incredible qualities in the Toyota itself.

For the car lovers out there, the new Auris Hybrid offers 74.3 miles per gallon, low CO2 emissions, and £0 road tax benefits.

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