Toyotron Hunter Electric Motorcycle

Posted on Aug 4 2008 - 3:49pm by Richard Sharp

Toyotron Hunter Electric MotorcycleIt looks decidedly Retro, but the Toyotron Hunter is one of a range of electric motorcycles from the Thai based company. Electric motorcycles haven’t exactly faced the same kind of surge (so to speak) as hybrid motorcars with the majority of motorbike makers reluctant to scare their existing customers off by producing such an oddball contraption. That’s left the market (if there actually is one) wide open to others.

To be fair, though, it most definitely works out to be cheaper than running a scooter, which we all know can do about 300 miles for the cost of 2 litres of cider. It also charges from a standard power outlet and has a reasonable range to boot. While it might prove popular with certain groups of people I don’t see it being that regular a feature on British roads.

First off, Toyotron claims that the Hunter will cover a range of 70km on a single overnight charge plugged in next to the fridge. Based on Taiwan’s current electricity costs that’s about one tenth of a penny in running costs. That’s a lot cheaper than the Red Bull it would take for me to cycle there and the Hunter can apparently reach a top speed of 43mph, which is most certainly better than I could manage.

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