Tron Styled Omnia Cooking System: the future of cooking

Posted on Jun 27 2011 - 11:10am by Robert

Advanced cooking systems seem to attract everyones attention, and a stylish, TRON Legacy-inspired cooking system has recently come to the surface in a quite literal sense. The Omnia Cooking System is an all-in-one portable cooking system that can perform tasks, such as grilling, boiling, steaming and frying, with the help of wireless electricity.

The Omnia Cooking System, designed by Curve Creative, is made up of the cooking surface, a pod that protects and houses the surface, and the docks. The docks come in two kinds: the lighter Portable Dock, which only enables basic cooking tasks, and the heavier Kitchen dock, which can do more more comprehensive cooking tasks.

The Portable Dock features a grill and a hot plate, which are used for light cooking. The Kitchen Dock is used to perform heavier kitchen functions. It comes fitted with four bays, which will enable users to perform different cooking tasks. Options that performs tasks like boil, grille, steam, fry and induction are also included.

What’s good about this is that you can position it anywhere you want. Whenever you feel like cooking something, just press the button and cook away. The device uses induction and ceramics for heating.

The Omnia Cooking System will let you save lots of resources. Its portability and impressive design is just what people are looking for in a kitchen product. Unfortunately, there are no other details about this revolutionary cooking device so we’ll have to wait for more updates.


via: Curve Creative

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