True Halloween Ghost Stories App scares many a reveller

Posted on Oct 31 2010 - 2:32pm by Richard Sharp

If you are all geared up for Halloween but are struggling for good ghost stories then we think we have found the perfect app for you, True Ghost stories from around the world will help you scare the pants off of your mates without any creative input from yourself – genius.

The app developers say that each and every story, photograph and recount is 100% genuine. It has become widely popular too as it is the number one ghost app in the UK, USA and Australian app stores, but why so popular?

The stories are broken into different categories with the option of saving your favorites in a dedicated section. You can also search for stories near your location making it a very personal and somewhat eerie experience – just what you need for Halloween.

One of the more interesting features of the app is that you can actually submit your own stories, so if you have ever encountered a ghost or just have the skills to write a scary story you can submit it via the app.

Users can also submit pictures of ghosts or paranormal activities (note this is not a place for drunken pictures of you with a bin bag taped around you as a cape).  The app is a snip at 59p as new ghost stories are added on a daily basis by the developers and other users; it’s the app that keeps on giving this Halloween.

Whilst we are on the subject, do you know any scary stories? Feel free to comment below or on facebook.

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