Twitpic Doomed as Twitter prepares Photo Sharing Service

Posted on May 31 2011 - 4:26pm by Matt Jackson

Twitter has been on a bit of a buying spree of late, last week a deal was finalized between them and Tweetdeck and it’s been well documented that Twitter is discouraging new apps that could compromise their own in-house solutions. This week they are taking a different tact, according to TechCrunch a new native picture sharing service is on the cards.

The service would add functionality to Twitter similar to Twitpic and Yfrog, a move that some feel is a longtime coming. Twitpic has recently caused uproar with users after forcing them to accept new terms and would allow Twitpic to sell users pictures after they had been uploaded. Twitter will hope to capitalize by launching their own service on which will be integrated into Twitters own website.

This would allow users to upload photographs from Twitter directly, a feature that is both simple yet hugely powerful at the same time. It could spell the end for Twitpic, much like last years ending of third party advertising when sponsored tweets came in.

Twitter seems to want to stand alone, either by buying out other services or by producing their own to force them out of business. Twitter would argue that the enduser is their main priority, what do you think?

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