Twitter for iPhone and iPad Updated

Posted on Mar 4 2011 - 10:57pm by Matt Jackson

After a shaky start Twitter’s native iPhone and iPad app came good at the end of 2010 with the promise of more to come and today the micro blogging site came good by rolling out another update for Apple users.

The new app has simplified a lot of tasks and added some new features that other unofficial apps already offer. Users can now easily upload photos, attribute a location to their tweets and add links which are automatically shortened, a simple but powerful addition.

The Twitpic feature adds a camera icon to the toolbar allowing you to take pictures ‘live’ for upload, you can also select from your gallery if you so wish. This feature is particularly important when you consider the iPad 2 will come complete with two snappers of its own.

Much like the Android version the iOS app has the @ button in the top toolbar when you hit this all the people you follow pop up. Another neat feature is the auto-complete function that brings up followers as you type the name – a Google-esk way of navigating.

The location button as you would expect attributes your location to the Tweet, it also shows you trends from your local area.

So all in all some pretty useful additions bringing Android and iOS bang inline. Do you think the updates are useful? What other things would you like to see?

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