Twitter Lets You Write More Now

Posted on Jun 15 2016 - 1:27pm by Robert

A major change to the way that Twitter counts the characters you use was recently announced.

The details were given on the official Twitter blog and the end result is that you can now add some more content to what you write on this social media platform.

The famous 140 character count Twitter limit hasn’t changed but the things that are counted have changed. For a start, when you reply to a tweet the @names on it won’t count towards the limit. This means that it will be easier to have conversations.

Media Attachments Don’t Count in Twitter Limit


Another important change is that any media attachments you use won’t count towards the limit either. This means that the likes of GIFs, photos and videos will no longer encroach on your valuable 140 character limit.

It is also worth noting that it will now be easier retweet or quote your own tweets. This is because the Retweet button will be enabled on your own tweets with these changes.

Another useful change is tweets that start with a username will go out to all of your followers, meaning that you no longer have to use a @ to get your thoughts out to everyone. You can also get your retweets out to all of your followers more easily.

These changes are being rolled out just now and the word from Twitter is that they will be brought into force over the coming months for all users.

Do you think that these changes will make a difference to how often you use Twitter or do you want a bigger character count?

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