Uber to Deliver Groceries

Posted on Sep 11 2014 - 1:17pm by Julius

The success of the Uber taxi and private hire app had led to the firm starting to offer a grocery delivery service.

At the moment, the Corner Store facility is only available in the US. It is an option on the main Uber smartphone app and allows customers to choose from 100 different grocery items.

The pricing on the service is said to be competitive and there is no delivery charge applied to the amount charged.

At the moment, the Uber Corner Store delivery service is seen as being seen as an experiment and is only available for use in Washington DC in the US. Uber joins a number of other technology firms already offering this type of service.

A Competitive Market


Google provides a delivery service called Shopping Express, while Amazon has its AmazonFresh service on the go in Seattle and California currently. One possible benefit to the grocery delivery service from Uber is that it could help keep the firm’s drivers busy during periods when not many people are looking to use the taxi service.

The big question is whether or not the firm can make this sort of additional service work on a financial level. It has been suggested that to turn it into a long term venture they might need to add delivery charges or find some other way of making money from it.

The announcement on the firm’s blog stated that the more people like it, the “more likely it will last”. Initially, it is set up as a trial for a period of a couple of weeks. The minimum order value is set as $1 and the list of products includes the like of nappies, shaving gel and chewing gum.

Would you be interested in using a delivery service like this?



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