UK School Cupboards Full of Expensive Gadgets Covered in Dust

Posted on Nov 18 2012 - 8:03pm by Robert

New research has revealed that UK school cupboards are filled with unused gadgets which teachers have been “duped” into buying.

It is said that British schools are currently spending around £450 million each year on things like educational games, electronic whiteboards and tablets. However, to date there appears to be little evidence that these hi tech gadgets are helping the education of our kids much.

The research was carried out by the Nesta charity and it warned that teachers are being lured into buying expensive products through the “hype and lure of digital education” without first of all taking into account how they will use the gadgets they buy.

Tablets Replacing Books

In fact, it is claimed that some schools use these modern gadgets as direct replacements for more old fashioned tools like books and pen and paper rather than as a complementary part of the students’ education. In other cases “millions of pounds” worth of devices are left in cupboards and are only use very infrequently if at all.

All of this comes amidst growing concerns about the school budget reductions which are taking place.

Geoff Mulgan is the chief executive of Nesta and he said that using a tablet instead of a book is not innovation but rather “just a different way to make notes”. He stated that there is “incredible potential” for the use of digital technology in schools but that it is essential that we rethink how it can be used rather than simply using 21st century technology applied to 20th century teaching methods.

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