UK Xbox 360 Survey Reveals Average Gaming Habits

Posted on Mar 9 2011 - 5:45pm by Matt Jackson

In a recent survey of UK gamers Microsoft conducted revealed avid gamers will spend over £100 per month.  Average spending landed at just over ½ of that, around £64 per month.  

While the sampling of gamers was merely a few hundred, they are self-proclaimed ‘avid’ gamers and play their gaming systems up to 3 hours a day.  The sampling of 360 players primarily consisted of males between the ages of 25-34 who make up the largest spending sector of gamers.

Other findings in the survey included game trends, noting that shooting games were the most popular.  Right behind those are racer games and RPG.  Most players say they do play around 7 various games each month on average.

 The majority of gamers, over 80%, will play their Xbox 3 to 4 times each week, while around half of that percentage say they play daily, up to three or four hours.  That is hard-core gaming time.  Microsoft’s head of research, Julie Forey, states that “gamers represent an attractive proposition for marketers” and noted that the gamer profile is good information to have to focus their marketing efforts on.

With this limited sampling, it is probably safe to say the numbers might be somewhat off the mark if a greater survey group were included.  Regardless, this probably does give good indicators of the more committed UK gamer habits.

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