Uncharted 3 Game on PS3 Next Year With Book and Movie

Posted on Dec 11 2010 - 12:38am by Richard Sharp

Games developer Naughty Dog have teamed up with Sony to develop and supply an official website for the third incarnation of Uncharted entitled ‘Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception”, with the ability to pre-order the game nearly a full year before the game officially releases.

The third game in the series will only be available on the PS3 and sees Nathan Drake continuing his journey through the Arabian Desert. The game will include ‘evolved play’, basically this means Drake will now take on multiple enemies, perform linked melee attacks and what they explain as “expanded and diverse traversal moves with deeper gunplay.”

‘Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception’ continues to evolve the core principles we laid out for the Uncharted franchise, most important of which is creating an unmatched and extremely compelling interactive cinematic experience,” Sony revealed on their official blog. “In addition to having a compelling story and authentic characters that all of our fans can relate to as key facets to creating this type of experience, we push ourselves and the capability of the PlayStation hardware through constantly redefined game play mechanics and technology innovation.”

The most current game, ‘Uncharted 2’, has sold 3.8 million copies since it launched almost a year ago so interest in the new instalment is very high. Naughty Dog joint president Evan Wells said “We want top take on the big boys of the multi-player genre.”

The brand new trilogy of games is also about to receive a massive boost with the arrival of a movie staring none other than action hero Mark Wahlberg – the film, a brand new book and the game will all come out around the same time. So exciting times in a years time.

So at the moment this game and the entire franchise is actually pretty new to the UK market, do you think it will be enough to make it ‘mainstream’ in the UK?

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