Unlicensed Angry Birds theme park appears in China

Posted on Sep 19 2011 - 5:06pm by Julius

A theme park inspired by a popular mobile app game has opened in China’s Hunan province.

An unlicensed Angry Birds theme park was opened in Changsha City, where the park’s visitors take turns to shoot pig balloons placed inside brick castles with birds using giant slinghots.

A news report by CBS News said that the theme park is completely unlicensed by the game’s publisher, Rovio. The theme park is indeed a complete rip off of the game’s concept, just like what Chinese businessmen has been doing for a long time.

The Angry Birds theme park is part of the “Window of the World” attraction. The game’s developer does not have a problem with what Window of the World is doing, but hinted that the company would appreciate it if the park has partnered with them rather than doing it on their own. After all, the theme park has already violated a number of Rovio’s copyrights.

This illegal theme park is yet another instance where the Chinese are blamed for violating intellectual property rights. In July, a foreign blogger residing in China has posted about the existence of a number of fake Apple Stores in the Kunming Province. The stores, as well as 22 other fake Apple retail stores, have been closed down by Chinese authorities.

It was reported that the Angry Birds theme park will only run until the end of September. It is said to be replaced by an attraction inspired by Annoying Orange, but the information is still unconfirmed.


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