USB Cell Batteries Review

Posted on Dec 18 2009 - 10:08pm by Richard Sharp

The humble AA battery is still one of the most popular ways to power electronic gadgets and will remain so for many years to come, they are available as standard and rechargeable but even the latter have a flaw – what happens if they run flat and you have no charger? We think we finally have the answer.


We receive new gadgets for review all of the time and sometimes they pose the question ‘when is a gadget not a gadget?’ and these USBCELL batteries are one of those ‘gadgets’ as on the face of it they look like a standard AA battery. However they contain a clever feature as with a simple flip of a lid you can charge them in a standard USB port. The USB CELL combines design with function and boasts a lot of eco credentials too as you need no charger and once they have gone dead you can pop them into any usb and recharge them again.


The batteries last a long time too, we compaired them to standard alakalines with amazing results, we managed to take over 500 digital photographs with them on a full charge and there was still juice left over. They are available in a range of sizes on the USB Cell website at a very reasonable price when you consider you can charge them thousands of times (a five hour charge will give you a 90% charge, remember your xbox, pc or laptop can charge these batteries).

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