Posted on Aug 17 2008 - 2:00am by Richard Sharp

VCR To PCIf you’re anything like me then you’ve probably still got a pile of old videos lying around. Copies of The Breakfast Club recorded off television and old series of Red Dwarf. The problem is that while deep down we love them, equally deep down we also know that the video collection is never going to get a dusting down and a good watching. Video’s just don’t offer the convenience we’ve come to expect.

The VCR To PC is a convenient little tool designed primarily at sad people like you and I. You simply plug it into your PC, whack the video in and start copying. In no time at al all you could have your entire back copy of Neighbours copied onto the hard drive of your XP or Vista based PC (not Mac though). The Portable Video Files can then be copied from your PC to any compatible mobile or other device.

It costs just under £150 at IWOOT and you’ll need to bag yourself a USB cable because it’s one of those annoying gadgets that you pay £150 for and then you need to shell out another couple of quid to buy a necessary lead.

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