Verizon clearing out iPhone 4 stocks ahead of iPhone 5 launch

Posted on Jul 24 2011 - 12:09pm by Thomas Sharp

Mobile phone carrier Verizon has been clearing out their iPhone 4 inventory ahead of the autumn launch of Apple’s upcoming iPhone 5, reports say. The information comes from Phone Arena’s “trustworthy tipster,” who said that the carrier will begin selling discounted iPhone 4 accessories. The discounted accessory prices is a sign that Verizon aims to sell out all existing iPhone 4 accessories ahead of the launch of a new device.

According to Phone Arena’s source, “We should expect them to lower the prices of single accessory offerings, which should mean that the iPhone 4 is really reaching its EOL (at least as far as being the prime iPhone).” Even though Verizon only started offering the iPhone 4 earlier this year, it seems that they are looking to sell the smartphone cheaper soon.

Although the source did not provide us with a specific iPhone 5 release date, rumors say that the popular smartphone will be released by the end of the third quarter.

It is also a mystery if the new iPhone will be appearing on other carriers, like Spring and T-Mobile. If it does, then Apple will probably enjoy a boost in sales, considering the iPhone 4’s success on Verizon.

These are only rumors at this point, but if it turns out to be true, then we are getting closer to seeing a new, more powerful device that runs Apple’s new iOS 5 operating system.


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