Virgin Atlantic Staff to Use Google Glass in Pilot Scheme

Posted on Feb 21 2014 - 8:36am by Thomas Sharp

It has been reported that Virgin Atlantic will be one of the first companies to issue Google Glass to its members of staff.

The airline is going to give out the high tech eyewear to its concierge staff at their Upper Class Wing in Terminal 3 of Heathrow.

When VIP travellers arrive there they will be met by Virgin workers wearing the smart glasses. This means that they will be able to instantly look up flight details and check out things like the current weather and events in different destinations, as well as translate foreign languages.

This is a pilot scheme at the moment and is going to run for 6 weeks before the effectiveness and usefulness of it is assessed. If it works out well then it seems that Virgin may consider rolling it out in more general terms. For example, on board stewards could use Google Glass to keep track of passenger’s individual details or requirements.

People No Longer Find Flying Glamorous


This pilot scheme by Virgin is partly in response to a recent survey they commissioned which revealed that around half of travellers think that flying is less glamorous than it used to be. Google Glass isn’t yet a commercially available product and is still at the Explorer stage, so the use of this technology in their VIP lounge will certainly spice up the Virgin image.

The airline has also suggested that it will issue the Sony Smartwatch 2 to some staff and will also use iBeacon technology to send details of offers and flights straight to the phones of their VIP passengers.

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