Virgin Media Selling Broadband With The Help Of Cheese

Posted on Oct 22 2010 - 12:05am by Matt Jackson

Virgin Media has taken a really rather unusual step of selling its super fast broadband service using the medium of cheese.

Honestly, the link is quite tenuous too. The company sells super fast broadband and, as such, have chosen Speedy Gonzalez to be the face of their campaign. Speedy is a mouse and he loves cheese so, therefore, the billboard is to be made of cheese. So there you go, it’s obvious now you know, but unless you know it’s just going to look and almost certainly smell like a big block of cheese that’s been left outside for too long.

Fortunately, Virgin won’t be the ones to suffer the stench of cheese that’s been left out in the open for several days because they’ve chosen to place the billboard in Covent Garden not too far away from the Apple store.

Virgin are also offering a decent deal for consumers looking to take all of Virgin’s three main services super fast broadband, home telephone, and cable TV. The £50 installation cost is returned on the first bill and you can pick up such packages for as little as £19 per month which is really quite reasonable especially as it includes 10MBps broadband speeds.

It’s the first time we’ve heard of a billboard that is made entirely from cheese and whilst we know companies will go to great lengths to market their brands and push their latest promotions we’re not entirely sure this one will work out that well.

However, if you’re passing Covent Garden then stop by, take a look (but don’t take a chunk), have a whiff and report back about how well you think the billboard advertising is going down.

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