Vodafone Emporia RL1 Offers a Simple Smart Phone Experience

Posted on May 25 2011 - 8:22pm by Richard Sharp

Do you know someone who frequently becomes befuddled with modern tech? One of the most frequent head scratchers for non-techies is modern mobile phones. Vodafone is the latest to release a straightforward and easy to use mobile phone, they have achieved this by removing complicated menus, unwanted features and clutter to basically deliver a phone that can be used on the move, you know – a mobile phone.

Features have been slimmed down to include text messaging, an alarm clock, calculator bad birthday reminders tool. They have also added some interesting accessibility features such having the built in phone flash illuminate when a call is coming in, ideal for the hard of hearing who rely on sight. Likewise people who are hard of hearing, or work in a busy environment can befit from the super loud ring volume.

These features are obviously important but the main selling point is the Emporia RL1’s form factor, it has deliberately been equipped with large keys with easy to read fonts and offers 8 days of standby time – ideal for the technophobe who forgets to charge their gadgets.

At this stage Vodafone is offering the RL1 on pay and you go and contract, if you opt for the latter you can get the phone for free on a £10 per month contract, which gives you 300 text and 100 minutes.

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