Was an Amazon Server Used to Hack Sony PSN?

Posted on May 15 2011 - 10:21am by Thomas Sharp

Sony has started switching on the PSN network with many countries waking up to discover it is back up, despite this The impact from the hack of the Sony PlayStation Network is undoubtedly going to have a huge effect on the company and the whole online gaming industry. However, for the moment attention has switched onto how the breach of security actually happened.

It has now been reported by Bloomberg that an informant with “knowledge of the matter” has revealed that the hack was done using a cloud server from Amazon.

The details which have been proffered suggest that the hacker or hackers signed up for an account at the Amazon EC2 service using false details. They then launched the famous attack on Sony from there.

The source – former FBI internet crime fighter E J Hilbert – goes on to say that the offending Amazon account was then closed then and that the FBI will almost certainly want to get an order which lets them go over the details which were used to set up the rogue Amazon account.

Neither Sony nor Amazon have made any official statements on the matter as of yet.

With the PSN down for almost a month after the hack took place Sony has now said that the AllClear ID Plus Service will give a $1 million identity theft insurance policy to their members free.

The online group Anonymous continues to deny involvement in the issue but many fingers remain pointed firmly in their direction.

Has the Sony PSN hack made you reconsider the whole issue of how safe your details are online or do you see it more as an unfortunate on off?
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