Washing machine concept: a new way to wash your clothes

Posted on Sep 24 2011 - 7:04pm by Thomas Sharp

Not content with shooting zombies and alien invaders, a student at Kingston University in London has designed a laundry machine that also works as a video game arcade.

The Amusement Washing Machine, designed by Lee Wei Chen, resembles an arcade video game console. The funny thing about it is that the bottom half is a washing machine. Lee Wei has linked the arcade and the washing machine’s circuitry, so that the machine becomes dependent on the player’s progress in the game. If the player struggles while playing the game, coins will be needed to complete the washing cycle.

The Taiwanese student said that he wanted to be productive while having a good time. “I realised that the skills I had developed in the virtual world were useless in the real world, the 27 year old explained. “I wanted to make them useful.”

Colin Holden, Lee Wei’s course leader, said that his idea is big and original as he has chosen two recognizable objects, which can produce a new electronic device. “It’s an extremely well-executed design concept,” added Holden.

Basically, the Amusement Washing Machine works like this: you put your dirty clothes to be washed inside the washing machine, insert some coins to the slot and start playing. As long as the player is still alive in the game, the machine will keep washing the clothes, and when the player runs out of lives, more coins are required to resume the game, also resuming the washing process.

This is a new and fun way to wash you clothes, am I right?

via: Design Week

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