Watch your goldfish swim the globe in this epic coffee table aquarium

Posted on Aug 7 2012 - 8:29am by Richard Sharp

Have you ever seen a goldfish circumnavigate the globe in your living room? Sounds cryptic we know but is feat which is now totally possible thanks to this coffee table designed by Takuro Yamamoto Architects.

The project is called World Trip aquarium and was an entrant at this years Designboom’s TIFF awards. It’s an ultra modern table with clear shatter proof glass on the top and bottom sandwiching 3-Dimensional continents (note the UK is on the left and not in the middle of the world as we’d have it ;-)).

Some might say that this is more art than it is furniture; or perhaps it’s both. The photos over on the entry page show fish swimming effortlessly around Cape Horn, in the Arctic and more with each country perfectly formed out of toughened glass.

At first glance this prototype appears to be made of glass and include real life goldfish and pond weed. On closer inspection the picture seems to be made up of binary because zeros and ones can be seen all over.

Despite looking epically cool there are a few questions which have to be asked, namely how would you feed the fish or clean the tank when they fill it full with poop? These small inconveniences pail in comparison to how beautiful the table looks though.

There’s no suggestion that this epic table will be made reality, but we sure hope it will be. Would you put this in your living room?

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