WAVE Bike Shelters bring Lockable Bike Sheds to the Streets

Posted on May 25 2011 - 3:42pm by Robert

Leaving your bike out on the street might soon become a bit less of a worry. The US could be about to see the launch of WAVE protection devices to keep bicycles free of thieves, vandals, fire and extreme weather conditions.

This modern bike shelter idea comes from a designer called Joe Mattley and it is a sort of solid metal cage with a lid you pull down over it to keep the vehicle safe and sound inside.

The WAVE design is said to only take up one square foot of space and offer a highly resistant frame which no one will be able to break into. The design is 6 feet tall and it is made so that the bike is placed in it vertically. The owner then puts his own padlock on the shelter and walks away whistling his favourite show tune without a care in the world.

Will these things take off? They could certainly fulfil a need which is out there to keep bikes safe from harm. The final outcome on their future will probably come down to how expensive they are to build and how long they last. If they are relatively cheap and last years without any maintenance we could start to WAVE shelters springing up all over the place. Only time will tell us if they turn out to be the next big thing or something whic


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