We Brits Prefer Facebook To Any Other Site

Posted on May 13 2009 - 9:28pm by Richard Sharp

Facebook Our Most Popular SiteIt’s hardly a surprise to many of us but a recent online survey and report have shown that Brits prefer to log on to Facebook than to use any other website. While last year, Facebook browsing accounted for approximately 7% of our Internet usage it has witnessed a massive jump to a staggering 13% this year according to analysts Nielsen Online. More surprisingly, MSN Live took second spot with YouTube, MySpace, and BBC backing them up as our most visited sites.

Other figures released show that we, on average, spend 22 hours a month on the Internet. While Twitter and other social networking websites have gained in popularity it is Facebook that seems to have both the longevity and the staying power as well as the features to keep us on site longer and attract us back more often. Facebook itself has declared that around a half of their 200 million active users log on every day to check messages, chat, and use the numerous applications that are available.

The stats further show that the powerful are getting more powerful because the top ten most visited sites account for yet more of our online website viewing time; a figure that has consistently grown and grown. Apple also performed well indicating that while some of us might gripe over the costs and rigid setup of iTunes and other Apple offerings, they still remain a popular place to be when you log onto the Internet.

Source – Gaj-it

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