What Are All the Gadgets in the UK Worth?

Posted on Nov 7 2013 - 9:12pm by Paul

How much are all the gadgets in the UK worth? The answer is that they are probably worth more than you realise.

Recent research carried out by Affinion International revealed that every day there is a total of £22 billion worth of gadgets being carried about in the UK.

Even more incredibly, the total amount of gadgets owned by people in Britain adds up to £51.6 billion, which is about the same as the GDP of Ecuador.

Recession? What Recession?

gadgetsWhat Are All the Gadgets in the UK Worth? Surprisingly, the total value of the gadgets we own has increased by £10 billion in the last 5 years, despite the tough economic times we are going through. In fact, the results of the study show that £9 billion was spent on gadgets in the UK in 2013 alone. The huge current demand for smartphones and tablets is given as one of the main reasons for these giant sales figures during a time of recession.

The other side of the coin is that broken and lost gadgets cost us a lot of money each year. Problems with gadgets cost us £1.2 billion in the last year, with 17% of gadget owners suffering the breakage of at least one gadget in that time.

What do you think is the gadget which is most commonly broken? That’s right; the smartphone. About 4% of the technology loving Brits surveyed say that their phone broke in the last 12 months. Round about the same number had a gadget stolen and the same amount again lost one. All of this adds up to £400 million devices lost or stolen.


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