What Are the Snapchat Sunglasses All About?

Posted on Dec 13 2016 - 5:41pm by Robert

The release of new Snapchat sunglasses has raised more than a few eyebrows. So what are these glasses all about?

Well, they have been described as being a bit like Google Glass, although they are a good deal cheaper and more limited in what they can do. Perhaps a more accurate comparison would be to describe them as being similar to a Go Pro that you perch on your nose.

They are technically known as Snapchat Spectacles. While you wear them they will record short videos that will then be automatically stored in your Snapchat Memories, which is a new feature where all your favourite content is stored.

An interesting point about the new Snapchat sunglasses is that the camera uses a 115 degree lens. The idea is that this works in the same way as human eyes, giving a more natural look.

The latest details all suggest that these spectacles will be very easy to use. It seems that you just need to press a button in the top left hand corner to start recording.

Records 10 Seconds at a Time


The video will automatically stop after ten seconds but you can add up to a couple of extra ten second segments to it by pressing the button again. While video recording is taking place you see a light inside your glasses and other people will see one on the outside as well.

These Snapchat sunglasses work with both iOS and Android mobile devices, with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth options for transferring snaps. You can use the spectacles on their own and store the videos there until you choose to transfer them.

The battery on the glasses is said to last for a day or so, with the outward looking light working as the battery indicator. They come with their own charging case and cable.

Expect to pay about £100 for a pair of Snapchat Spectacles.  Black, teal and coral are the available colours, although only a limited number of them will be sold.

Do you think that you would use sunglasses like these to record Snapchat videos out on the street?

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