What Can We Expect from Android Marshmallow?

Posted on Aug 19 2015 - 5:00pm by Robert

The next version of the Android operating system will be called 6.0 but you are more likely to know it as Marshmallow.

This new version was originally known as Android M but was then changed to Android Marshmallow, following on from other delicious sounding names as Ice Cream Sandwich and Jelly Bean.

The first official announcement on this new look Android version came a few months ago at a Google conference but we can now look at the expected details with a good deal more certainty.

Now on Tap


One of the most anticipated features of Android Marshmallow is likely to be the extension of Google Now called Now on Tap. This works in any app and functions as a sort of smart assistant. This can be used to help ask details and find out information on restaurants, music and all sorts of other stuff.

Another important issue in Android Marshmallow is the Android Pay payments feature that will give you the option of using your phone to pay for things, instead of carrying around cash or cards. It works by getting the user to validate their purchases, using NFC to make the payment.

Your phone battery is also going to benefit from the Marshmallow update, with the Doze feature designed to shut down background tasks automatically when the phone is one standby for a while. Google claim that a test on a Nexus 9 tablet showed that Doze let it run for twice as long. The benefit is expected to be especially useful in lower end mobile devices with less impressive batteries.

Do you like the sound of Android Marshmallow or do you think that Google could have done more with it?


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