What Do Students Think About Backing Up Data?

Posted on Sep 23 2012 - 11:07pm by Paul

A recent survey of students around their hard drive backup habits has produced some interesting results. It was carried out by Seagate and it revealed that male students are far more likely to backup than their female counterparts are. In fact, the difference is that 57% of male students will do this while only 39% of the ladies will do the same.

In all, almost half of all of the students asked said that they think about backing up their work, songs, photos and other documents. This compares sharply to the 12% of them who were more concerned about getting home insurance arranged than safeguarding the information on their PC.

Are You Going Out Again?

On other subjects, dating and going out with friends is still a big priority for students, with 1 in 5 saying that they would spend their cash on taking out someone special rather buying a hard drive to backup their data. This is perhaps part of the reason why 63% of the students surveyed admitted to having lost some work, although only 3% of them confessed to not knowing how to back up data from their hard drive.

So why doesn’t everyone backup if they know how to do it and it is so important to them? Our old friend laziness is the top culprit, with 54% of those questions admitting to sloth like tendencies when it comes to looking after their data. 31% rather sweetly think that their computers will keep all of their files safe for them without them doing anything.

Considering that males backup more than female as it is strange to see that the ladies are more concerned about losing their prized photos. 40%of the females asked gave it the status of high importance while 58% of males don’t care if the snaps get lost.

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