What Gets Us Brits Hot Under The Collar? Not Very Much Apparently

Posted on Sep 3 2010 - 1:05pm by Matt Jackson

Website Reevoo recently analysed its list of unpublishable reviews about products and companies (they must have had a quiet day in the office) and has listed its findings with some shocking and slightly amusing results especially regarding the tight lipped and ever polite Brits. Perhaps the biggest surprise of all is that there is at least one country that swears less and gets annoyed by poor customer service less than Brits – the Russians.

It’s actually quite a substantial study too, encompassing reviews from a period of 6 years.

The French came out on top as being the most willing to hurl a foul mouthed tirade of abuse when it came to poor service. They apparently swear 4.5 times more than average while the Spanish swear 3.3 times more. The Poles came in 3rd while Brits swear 20% less than average and the Russians a half less.

Not only do we get less agitated, or at least fail to show just how upset we are, but our idea of swearing seems to fall some way behind our Mediterranean counterparts too. Some of the foulest and most abusive language we can muster up at these times includes “rubbish” (ooooh) and “cheap and nasty” (aaaah).

The iPhone - Likely To Make You Swear?

So, no matter how much you think society is going down the pan you can take heart in the fact that we’re still among the most reserved and mild mannered of people in Europe.

Mobile phones are the greatest cause of swearing (no sh…) accounting for 18% of those reviews that included profanities. Laptops were responsible for 13% of such messages and poor customer service came in third with 10%.

CEO Richard Anson said that it is “entirely understandable” that consumers would get angry at the poor service that they sometimes receive when buying such items.

Are you surprised by our lack of imaginative profanities?

What’s got you swearing mad lately?

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