What Is It That Scratches Your Phone’s Screen?

Posted on Aug 24 2012 - 10:24pm by Robert

So, you buy an apparently indestructible new phone which costs you a king’s ransom and you head out to town to show it off a little. You are still a bit wary about damaging it so what do you need to avoid carrying with it in your pockets to make sure you don’t scratch the screen?

Probably the first things you will think of are your keys and that loose change which always seems to slowly build up in your pockets until you finally give it to your nephew, who thinks it is a fortune when it is really only 1 pound and 27 pence.

You know that most of the best smartphones use scratch resistant glass on them but you have been around the block enough times to know that there is still something out there which causes fine little scratches on the screen occasionally. What is it that does this and how can you stop it happening?

Some Experiments Find the Answer

Well, it ain’t the keys and it ain’t even the coins which do it. XDA Developers has done some experimenting on the subject and come to the conclusion that that culprit is….sand.

That’s right; this granular material is at its best when a cool pina colada is sitting on top of a lot of it but at its worst when it is in your pocket with your smart new phone.

The ideal solution would seem to be to buy a screen protector, although we can’t underestimate the advantages of getting a tiny vacuum cleaner and sticking it in your pockets.

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