What to Expect from the Samsung Galaxy S8

Posted on Aug 9 2016 - 10:11pm by Robert

It seems like only yesterday that the Samsung Galaxy S7 was launched, yet there is already talk of the Galaxy S8 online.

The newest generation of the Samsung Galaxy tends to come out near the start of each year, leading people to think that the S8 will probably be with us in February or March of 2017.

It is possible that the South Korean tech company will keep pretty much the same model without any major changes. It has to be remembered that the S7 has brought in a lot of interesting advances and features that make it stand out from the S6.

Iris Scanning?

samsung galaxy s8

Features on the Galaxy Note 7 could also give us some clues as to what we could expect from the Samsung Galaxy S8. For instance, the iris scanning element of this device could easily end up on the new Galaxy.

It is likely that the Galaxy S8 is announced at the Mobile World Conference show in 2017, with details of features and changes probably starting to leak out a few months beforehand.

For the time being, it has been suggested in some places that the new model may only be a Galaxy S8 Edge, with the flat model dropped altogether. There are also rumours of a 4K display and a better camera, possibly with a dual lens approach.

It certainly seems likely that the new phone will be equipped to take advantage of virtual reality developments. A faster processor and better battery life seem like safe bets too.

What new features do you think that the Samsung Galaxy S8 should include?


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