White Apple iPhone 4 Release Date Uncovered at Vodafone UK

Posted on Apr 22 2011 - 9:25pm by Richard Sharp

A lot of talk has surrounded the elusive Apple iPhone 4 over the last week; rumours earlier in the week suggested that Phil Schiller’s Tweet promising a white iPhone in spring would turn out to be true. Despite this many, including us remained a little sceptical until Engadget turned out a complete gem that has all but confirmed the white iPhone 4 exists and it’s in the UK.

Apparently one lucky individual managed to actually purchase one of the handsets early from a Vodafone UK store and sent the evidence straight to Engadget. The model in question is the 16GB version although some clever trickery with version numbers has also revealed that Vodafone will be stocking the 32GB version as well.

The phone certainly looks legitimate and the packaging takes on the same form factor as the original black iPhone 4, apart from being white of course. After all the hullabaloo with sensors and trying to get a white one to work with the iPhone 4 it seems Apple has opted for a black one as they did with the iPad 2 which will do the job nicely without the glare that allegedly held this handset back 10 months.

Those of you hoping to hop on down to your local Vodafone store to pick up a white iPhone 4 will sadly have to wait, after the sale register on the internal system Vodafone’s head office sent out a memo to halt sales ‘until next week’ which ties in with the rumoured release date of 27th April.

Do you think this has been worth the wait and do you know anyone (perhaps yourself) that will be picking up a white iPhone 4?

Source: Engadget


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