WiiFit – Hero To Villain

Posted on May 19 2008 - 12:45pm by Richard Sharp

WiiFit To Be Banned???The WiiFit has been applauded by most parties because it encourages us to get off our rotund rears and do some actual moving exercise. However, news that one offending WiiFit game called a “perfectly healthy” ten year old girl fat has raised some eyebrows and even more questions over the possible effects of such activity.

The WiiFit uses BMI to measure a persons size and shape, and to determine whether that person is overweight, underweight or perfect weight. However, the girl in question is described by her dad as being a 4ft 9 and perfectly healthy girl that enjoys swimming and dancing and weighs just six stone.

Of course, the National Obesity Forum has had something to say about it. They believe that the WiiFit should include a warning and called for children to be banned from playing the WiiFit. That’s kind of backwards in our opinion. Anything that gets kids (and adults) moving and exercising should be encouraged – the National Obesity Forum should be attempting to help manufacturers overcome the problems rather than demanding they be banned.

With that said, of course, any game or console that has groups like this calling for it to be banned inevitably witness a huge increase in sales.

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