Will Android TV Fare Better Than Google TV?

Posted on Jul 8 2014 - 1:07pm by Paul

Google TV looked like a good idea when it was first announced a few year ago so what went wrong? More importantly, what has changed since then to make Android TV from Google something that it more likely to be successful?

The plans for Google TV were unveiled a long time ago now but it never really took off in the way that the internet giant expected it to. However, there are some differences with Android TV that might make the difference. For a start, it has been designed to fit in more easily with the technology we already have in our homes.

The keyboard / remote control combination is now gone as well, with more standard looking controls now being used and gamepads available for playing games with.

Can Have Apps and Features Added


It has already been suggested that Android TV could be a good solution for anyone who wants a games console or a steaming box. It could be used with apps and get features added to it over time, in the same way we add them to our Android phones.

On the other changes to the package is that the people from Google now recommend that they “discourage including web browsing in games for Android TV”. They say that this is because TV sets aren’t “well-suited” to browsing, because of the colour scheme and display.

Things like personalised recommendations and voice commands can now be included in Android TV from the very start. It has also been suggested that price will be a lot more affordable than Google TV, which was one of the reasons why the original product didn’t meet with much success.

Would you like to give Android TV a try?


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