Windows 7 Details To Be Announced In October

Posted on Aug 18 2008 - 2:29am by Richard Sharp

MicrosoftWindows is no stranger to its knockers (how very Freudian) but for those that wait with baited breath for the next version, Microsoft has announced that they will be releasing technical details of the next version, Windows 7, in October. The information will be shared at both the Professional Developers Conference and at the Windows Hardware Engineering Conference.

The release date isn’t expected to be until the beginning of 2010 and if you intend to wait for a bug free version, rather than jumping in straight away and being virtually crippled by errors, then you’ll likely have to wait considerably longer.

While very little has been released about the technical specifications of Windows 7, some information is known and despite by own misgivings on Windows software, it does sound incredibly Minority Report like. The motion sensing operating system will borrow a number of elements from Vista but with the appropriate monitor and hardware users will be able to wave their hands around in a flourish of activity and perform certain actions on the operating system.

Awesome… if it works… and presuming it isn’t too sensitive. An overly elaborate sneeze could cause the loss of month’s worth of data while picking your nose really could lead to trouble.

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