Windows 7 October Release Looking More And More Likely

Posted on May 16 2009 - 10:10am by Richard Sharp

Windows 7 To Be Released In Holiday SeasonMicrosoft has officially announced that Windows 7 will be released “in time for the holidays”. There’s supposed to be a very good handful of new features that will be part of the release and the full program is now in its final (though perhaps toughest for the engineers) stage of development. No new features are likely to be added but bugs, glitches, problems, and a few more optimised bits and pieces will be added before the expected October release. Additional features will instead be reserved for future updates to the release.

Advances in touch and handwriting recognition are among some of the techy new additions; the majority of home computer users probably won’t benefit from them immediately, but it will open doors for software developers and users alike in the future. Performance is also going to enjoy a supposedly serious boost with improved multi core performance, and support for various graphics cards from a number of different manufacturers.

A new version of Media Center as well as a new gadget for Media applications and integration with other devices will continue to take the Windows operating system into the world of multimedia and hoe networking.

The Windows Control Panel will also have many new additions that include the ClearType Text Tuner. Users will be able to pin applications to the taskbar, which is a handy sounding replacement for the quick launch bar. You can even make all windows transparent so that you can view the desktop quickly and easily before clicking the view desktop button.

All sounds pretty good to us and it’s only a few months away.

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