Worldwide Smartphone Sales Keep on Climbing

Posted on Nov 1 2016 - 5:39pm by Robert

While some markets appear to be saturated with smartphones, the overall global figures show that more and more of these gadgets are still being sold just about everywhere.

In fact, in the third quarter of 2016 global demand for smartphones reached 353 million units. This is a 7% increase on the previous quarter and a similar increase on a year on year basis.

The stand-out figures came from China, where impressive growth rates continue to drive sales. Indeed, all regions except North America showed better figures than before.

Overall revenue for smartphones shot up to $104 billion, which is a 4% increase on the previous quarter and 9% increase on last year’s figures.

The total global smartphone demand for 2016 has been put at 1.4 billion units. The biggest factor in this 7% increase from last year is the 15% growth rate in the Chinese market.

Increasing Figures in the UK


Meanwhile, in Western Europe the increase from the previous quarter was 12%. In the UK there was a 3% increase on last year’s numbers and it is expected that next year seeing the British figures staying more or less the same as this year.

In Central and Eastern Europe the high levels of demand in Poland and Ukraine are credited with helping register year on year growth of 10%. In Poland the increase was in the order of 12% and n the Ukraine it was even more impressive at 28%.

Other countries seeing positive sales growth include Chile, Peru, Turkey and Japan.

Do you reckon that we are currently seeing the peak period for smartphone sales or do you think that they will keep on being more and more in demand over the years?

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