Would the Cookie Catcher Change Your Life (Slightly)?

Posted on Nov 11 2014 - 11:12pm by Paul

It’s not often that a simple, cheap gadget promises to change your life for the better.

Yet, anyone who has suffered from soggy biscuits in their tea for years on end will quite possibly drop to their knees and give thanks for the arrival of the Cookie Catcher.

To start with, we need to understand that dunking a biscuit into some tea is one of life’s greatest little pleasures. Yet, this can often end in the sort of mild disaster that sees the bottom of the mug covered in what can only be described as unwanted biscuit sludge.

Trans-Atlantic Domination to Come Later?


Well, this genius gadget from UK designer Andrew Tinsley costs just £2 but is guaranteed to make sure that you “never ruin another cup of tea”. It is initially on sale in the UK but the use of cookie instead of biscuit in the name leads us to believe than trans-Atlantic domination may be part of the long term plan. Presumably studies are being carried out on the scale of the soggy cookie problem in the States before it is launched there.

The Cookie Catcher is called as a “unique, inexpensive, innovative new product” that will finally put an end to your “biscuit dunking dilemmas.” It is simply a net that slips inside your mug and catches the soggy pieces of biscuit in it. The only issue facing you then is whether you eat the sludgy mess or throw it to the cat. Ah, if only everything in life was so difficult.

Would the Cookie Catcher be a useful addition to your tea time activities?

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