X-Dream Gyroxus X-Box Gaming Chair Review

Posted on Jul 28 2010 - 2:00pm by Richard Sharp

The fact that you are even reading this tells me that you are pretty serious about your gaming. So, you fancy a chair which will let you feel the action, do you? Well, you can either hire an unkempt local youth to spin your armchair around or have a look at the X-Dream Gyroxus X-Box Gaming Chair.


No worries about your Grandad nabbing it for a quick nap. This is more rugged and durable than comfy and sleep inducing.

The manufactures say that the X-Dream Gyroxus will fold up and store anywhere. The chair does fold but we would suggest that it would be better if had the space to keep it in one place. Dimension fans should get their tape measures out now.

Width: 26.25″ (66.7cm)
Length: 48″ (121.9cm)
Height: 30.75″ (78.1cm)
Weight: 41lbs. (18.6kg)

Two restrictions on this chair are; 1) The maximum user weight is 280lb (127kg). 2) It is recommended for gamers over the age of 12. That said I would doubt many under twelves would appreciate this kind of craftmanship or attention to detail.

What does it do?

It lets you experience the turns, climbs and bone jarring collisions which your onscreen dobbleganger has had to endure alone all these years. It is easy set up with no drivers to install and basically works straight out of the box.


You did say you were serious about gaming, didn’t you? Serious enough to hand over 400 quid without an ounce of regret? Then this chair is right up your street. It is well built and should last a lifetime, you don’t need any extras once purchased as everything you will need is included; they even include a customized X-Box controller.


It is not a cheap option but the X-Dream Gyroxus X-Box Gaming Chair gives hard core gamers a chance to live their games like never before.

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