Xbox One Becomes First Major Console Sold in China

Posted on Nov 12 2014 - 9:17am by Robert

The first of the big consoles to go on sale in China is the Xbox One, with Microsoft nipping in ahead of their rivals to enter this potentially massive gaming market.

Shanghai was the scene of the first Chinese Xbox sales, with the price tag being 4,299 Yuan. This works out at around £430.It is expected that Sony and Nintendo will release their own consoles in China before too long.

The gaming revolution has been possible because of the lifting of a ban on games consoles that had lasted for 14 years. The ban was originally put in place because of Chinese government fears over the content included in popular games.

It will still be difficult for games firms to get some of their games past regulators, though. For example, Call of Duty isn’t going to make it through to go on sale. The Chinese games regulators like to see games with some sort of educational content and not violent ones.

10 Games Available at Launch


At the time of the Chinese release of the Xbox One only 10 games were made available for new owners to buy. However, Microsoft has stated that more than 70 games are on the way soon.

Among the issues already identified that console makers need to overcome in the new market are piracy, illegally imported consoles, pricing, the popularity of mobile game and the right sort of content for the Chinese audience. The Sony PlayStation 4 is expected to be launched before too long, as the firm has arranged business partnerships with local companies.

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