XBox One Owners Warned about Disastrous Results if They Fall for Prank

Posted on Dec 12 2013 - 11:34pm by Robert

Owners of the Xbox One have been warned to ignore a prank that could make their console completely unusable.

The “joke” started out on the 4Chan site, where it was pointed out that you could follow a specific set of instructions to make the device play Xbox 360 games. The sequence of buttons and menu choices which you make are to turn it into the device which developers used to test games.

Sadly, if you aren’t a developer than following these instructions will result in a situation which is technically known as a “bricked” Xbox.  The console will move into a never ending start up loop which you won’t ever be able to get it out of.

Also Seen on YouTube

brickThe message which appeared on the humour site 4Chan was made to seem to have come direct from Microsoft. This sequence of buttons and choices has appeared in a YouTube video in the past as well. It isn’t known how many people have had their Xboxes ruined due to the prank but if you have one then you should definitely ignore the advice. In fact, it has now been removed from the site after Microsoft sent out a tweet warning about the dangers of doing what it says.

A few months ago the same site was in the news for putting on a made up advert saying that all the iPhones updated to iOS7 would become waterproof. Hopefully there is no one out there who has fallen for both pranks, although if they have then they probably can’t really be trusted with gadgets anyway.

Do you know anyone who has bricked their Xbox One?

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