Xbox One to Get External Game Storage Soon

Posted on Apr 16 2014 - 7:45pm by Thomas Sharp

There is some very good news for Xbox One owners who like to get instant access to an awful lot of their games.

A question on the entertainment site Reddit was recently answered by Larry Hryb, and he said that the console will soon have external game storage.

Who’s Larry Hryb and what would he know about it anyway? This guy is the Microsoft Xbox Live director of programming, so we guess that he knows his stuff. Larry is also known as Major Nelson in the world of the Xbox.

He said in his online answer that “external game storage” would be with us soon. When pressed about whether other media would be supported too, like music and videos, the chap from Microsoft said that he would check it out and tell the world later on.

Other Changes on the Way


According to his Reddit update, there are some other big updates to the Xbox One in the pipeline, with some coming soon and others we may have to wait a while for.

The games console comes with a basic 500GB of storage. That’s a pretty decent amount of space for most people but it could be that serious gamers run out of space after a while.  The planned addition of external games storage space could be a big help for anyone who wants to store a lot of stuff for using on their Xbox One easily.

Of course, the Xbox 360 eventually allowed external storage to be used, although it was limited to 32GB. It isn’t yet clear whether this same limit would apply to the new device.

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