Xbox sales double thanks to price cut

Posted on Apr 17 2008 - 11:43pm by Paul

Sony’s Playstation3 console may be picking up a little bit of momentum in the gaming console charts right now, and the Nintendo Wii still galloping way ahead of everyone else due in part to a high amount of Asian sales. Software giants Microsoft has said their Xbox 360 sales in Europe have doubled in the last month.This is great news for Microsoft who reduced there prices in Europe at the start of March.

“Xbox 360 is truly the next-generation console of choice among consumers, and today’s numbers are proof that we are delivering on our commitment to achieve critical mass in Europe,” said Microsoft Europe VP Chris Lewis.

“The highly competitive ERP, coupled with entertainment content that’s appealing to everyone in the home, makes Xbox 360 the ultimate high-definition entertainment choice, and it’s clear that we’re already seeing this resonate with consumers.”

Microsoft have said that the Xbox 360 is the number one console in EMEA. The Microsoft 360 right now has a 42% market share based on life-to-date revenue.

Sales of the console in the UK. France and Germany are doing great right now although Sony’s PS3 and Nintento’s Wii is dominating sales in Spain and Italy.

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