Yamaha Hybrid Bicycle

Posted on Aug 6 2008 - 2:34am by Richard Sharp

Yamaha PACS Brace Hybrid BicycleAs soon as you write a piece on electric motorbikes and how there’s so very few of them available, especially from the big motorbike manufacturers, you should expect to read something within a few days that completely trumps that post. And so, on to the Yamaha PAS Brace hybrid bicycle – OK, so it’s not an electric motorbike but is in fact a modern take on the electric assisted push bike and very modern it is.

The hybrid system intelligently works out when it can be used to optimum advantage and will operate at any one of the eight gears that it features, apparently providing a sporty ride for owners. The majority of the assistance comes at low speed when we need to expend more energy, it then begins to lower at moderate speeds, and switches off at high speeds.

The hybrid bike from Yamaha Motors is due for release in Japan in just a couple of day’s time (8th August to be exact) with 2,500 of them initially going on sale. The price tag is the equivalent of about £600 and presumably if sales go as well as hoped it might (and I stress, might) be available elsewhere.

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