Yoomi Duo turns your iPad into an interactive board game

Posted on Aug 2 2011 - 11:13pm by Julius

The iPad is already a cool and fun device by itself, keeping users entertained with a number of games and apps that will be deemed by some people to be traditional time wasters. Well, devices and tablets today carry enough processing muscle to become a powerful gaming machine. But what happens if you want your gaming to be more realistic? That’s where the Yoomi Duo device comes in.

The Yoomi Duo transforms your iPad tablet into an interactive board game. The device is placed on top of your iPad 2 or the original iPad and works with an app called Yoomi. It interacts with your iOS tablet, turning the app into an interactive board game that might be the perfect way to bring the family together.

“Yoomi is a surprise-filled game about choices that you play on your iPad using Duo – the first integrated toy product for the iPad in the world. You must have Duo to play Yoomi on your iPad. Each player takes a turn secretly selecting which of two options they like better,” explained Discovery Games, the device’s developer, on its Amazon page. “Yoomi choices are identified by written description, illustrations, and color, so that non-readers can play too! Players take turns guessing what others would choose. Duo reveals their choice on your iPad and ‘magically’ banks the winning tokens.”

Currently, Yoomi is the only app that works with the Duo, but we sure hope to see other games that will work with this new accessory.

via: Chip Chick

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