Your Own Mario Wall

Posted on Jul 20 2008 - 10:37pm by Richard Sharp

Your Own Mario Motif WallNot so much cutting edge as retro geek chic, you can buy a range of Nintendo wall vinyl stickers to adorn your kid’s or your own, if you’re brave enough to own up to it, walls. I’m not quite sure how well the design would work in the front room or the dining room, but there’s always a place in the home for Mario and Donkey Kong.

The vinyls can even be removed and put up on another wall should the fancy take you and because they’re stickers and not rolls of actual wallpaper you can design your own Mario mash up or your own Donkey Kong level. In fact, you could design a Mario Kong level if that was what you really wanted to do.

As well as the original Super Mario Brothers and the old school Donkey Kong designs there is also a New Super Mario Brothers collection and if you want to go even more retro you might want to consider Space Invaders stickers too. Imagine how cool the games room is going to look when you’ve plastered the walls with games. None of your crappy paper posters or original concept art, or any of that either.

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